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The Origin of the Medical Massage Chair

Medical massage is result-oriented massage, simply speaking, the use of a certain therapeutic therapy aimed to the specific medical problem(s) the patient presenting has and are most often administered after a cautious assessment/evaluation from the qualified medical massage practitioner with certain related outcomes being the major foundation for the recommendation/approval of such therapy. The main target of the massage is to release tight and stressed areas as well as increase the variety of motion and reduce pain sensation that's been caused by trauma or surgery. Massage can be implemented locally or throughout the whole body. The most important reason why medical massage is popular is that unlike traditional therapy, it addresses the most important reason for the pain without side effects like excessive sweating, headaches, dizziness and skin allergies. There are lots of massage chairs and gadgets available now designed specifically for providing effective medical massage and to make the treatment session more convenient.

It was believed that the source of massage dates back to Egypt where it was used to alleviate fevers and infections. It is believed to have been used for the recovery of travelers that had been exposed to the dangers of crossing the desert by camel. Ancient Greece and Rome were the first civilizations to invent and discover the healing properties of massage. 서울출장 Their secret rituals involving milk and honey were thought to promote smooth digestion, sexual activities, ease childbirth, improve eye functions and treat epilepsy. It's thought that the Roman god of medicine, Hippocrates, may have discovered that the practice of massage therapy long before the time of Christ.

Medical massage today has grown into a billion dollar industry that continues to evolve with the speed of technology. One of the latest additions to the medical community is the Smart Tech Personal Touch Medical Massage seat which is a hand-held massager that runs on a 12-volt electric engine. This chair includes a wide assortment of innovative features that helps to provide patients with maximum comfort and relaxation when receiving massage therapy. They include built in audio players, CD players and MP3 players. Additionally, it has a built in alarm that will sound if the customer is not receiving any massage therapy.

Medical massage is the third most popular type of massage therapy in the United States. In most cases, this is offered in both a professional setting and in a relaxing private setting like at home. Many times, this is done while the patient is waiting for their appointment or for a process which requires sedation. This gives the patient a chance to receive massage therapy which will relax and relieve tension without being tracked by a therapist.

This form of massage has many benefits for patients who opt to receive it at home. It relieves pain and stress, improves blood circulation, enhances the immune system, reduces swelling and stiffness and can help control depression. It's even being studied as a treatment for stress and chronic fatigue syndrome. There are various sorts of massage which can be applied to customers to achieve a desired result.

The origin of the massage chair comes in the early 20th century. It was initially designed to help relieve muscle tension and stiffness when a person was at rest. The chair is similar to an exercise machine but instead of using your hands to manipulate the machine, the massage chair employs electronic muscles to execute the motion. Many men and women are amazed by how readily the chair massages their muscles. Most clients describe the experience as having the feeling of being lightly brushed together with the movements of the machine.

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